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What Sponsoring A Kid Means For You

Sponsoring a child thru Metro Kidz International gives a child the opportunity to attend a weekly Christ-centered Sunday school program. You are linked with a needy boy or girl who will become a special focus for your love, prayers and giving.

Our Sponsor a Kid program is an excellent project for families. Your children can participate in giving, praying and the correspondence with your sponsored child. You will learn the value and joy of sharing with someone in need. You can have comfort in knowing that your sponsored child is visited each week and their home situation is being monitored.

What Sponsorship Means For Your Kid

You can express your love personally through an occasional card or letter. You may also send small gifts to your sponsored child for holidays, birthdays or any occasion. We will deliver it personally. There is also the opportunity for you to meet your sponsored child when you are in the Los Angeles area. A member of our staff visits your sponsored child and their family each week, keeping us updated on their needs and making sure that food and clothing are provided when needed. Your sponsored child also has the opportunity to become apart of a loving, caring community of believers, dedicated to the Kingdom of God. This is crucial.

How To Be A SponsorSponsoring a Kid is easy! Contact us,
or Office phone: (213)483.4878

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