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Metro Kidz International of Los Angeles, CA has welcomed hundreds of interns from all over the world. We invite you to come and develop your passion for God through serving people. Our internship is designed to educate, train and equip people for inner-city children's ministry. We offer year long, 6 month, and Summer volunteer opportunities where you will be surrounded by a multi-cultural Los Angeles.


When are the sessions?

Session 1 is August thru July, Session 2 is Febuary thru December

Does the ministry provide housing?

We do not currently provide housing for our interns.

How much money will I need to bring?

We recommend a minimum of $100 per month. Depending on your bills, expenses and personal spending habits, you may want to budget more.

Can I get an outside job?

Because of the demanding nature of our ministry schedule, having an outside job is NOT PERMITTED while volunteering with Metro Kidz International.

Contact Andrea Rodriguez in Human Resources for more information. or phone 213.483.4878 Ex.107

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